PROJECT the divine play

And the penciller took his pencil and began to draw a story …

On page 13 the toon says: I am not just a drawn form, I have a life on my own. What sense else would it make, that I exist? And it continues to say: This toon world has to be redeemed. This comic strip must continue. I cannot pretend that I and the other toons would not exist, that the metaphysical fight between the black graphite and the white paper would not exist … and there is also the old myth about the penciller …

And the penciller responds: Relax! And the toon answers: No, I cannot relax right now, otherwise the toon world will not be redeemed. We must continue to save the toon world, it is our sacred obligation to the penciller.

The drama starts, when the penciller gets excited by his own story. His fascination draws him further and further into his comic strip and he begins to draw a character “the penciller”. From now on he continues to draw to redeem himself. And hereby he starts to forget his true nature … and the dream continues …

Here are just some little chapters of the divine play:
“matter and power”
“logic and science”
„the wise and the fool“
“good and bad”
“the spiritual world and the ordinary world”
“service to humanity”
“St. Michael versus Lucifer”
“the creator and the creation”
“existence and non-existence”
“inbreath and outbreath”
“Ain (‏
אין) and Ain Soph (‏אין סוף) and Ain Soph Aur (‏אין סוף אוֹר)”
„the webpage and the viewer“